medical school cadaver

Well-performed kidney dissection- Credits for photo: Jeremy Swan
found through DA

A cat’s tongue has special features called “papillae”. The papillae are small hair-like growths that point towards the back of the mouth. These slightly hooked growths are very strong because they are made of keratin, the same component you can find in human fingernails. The papillae are not only used for self-grooming, but also holding food and hunting. Along with strong jaws, the papillae help felines hold their prey tight. In the wild, these miniature teeth help lick the meat off a bone so there are no leftovers. Moreover, there is a special papillae type at the tip of the tongue and along its sides. These papillae have large taste buds. Thanks to them, cats have a keener sense of taste than dogs.

I do really want to dye my teeth